Peace of Mind

Whether it’s a delayed flight, wrong resort rooms, or even a hurricane, it’s good to have an advocate on your side.  With our relationship with the resorts, we are able to work through these issues for you, while you continue to play.  You don’t have to worry about a thing !


When you book your vacation with us — all your needs will be met by your single Dream Designer.  Your Dream Designer will know every detail of your vacation and can give you the best advice, and cover every aspect of your vacation.

Save Time

With so many details involved in planning the perfect vacation, let your personal Dream Designer handle them, and you concentrate on the important things like spending time with your family, getting the kids off to school, or just enjoying a cup of coffee.


Your Dream Designer is a fully trained professional. This experience is used to design the perfect vacation for you and your family. Remember, getting an opinion from a friend or an internet board is ok, but only your Dream Designer can offer you the best ADVICE based upon your dreams and desires.

Less Stress

Imagine having every detail of your vacation organized before you leave.  Simply let your Dream Designer handle each and every detail.  When you get to your destination, all you have to worry about is relaxing and having fun!